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OnBoard is a workplace management solution designed for companies of all sizes. This product offers hotel and conference room booking management functionalities within a suite. Available for both on-premise and cloud-based deployment, OnBoard helps users manage office space utilization by defining processes for space allocation and management. With the help of reservation functionality, users can check and book collaboration workspaces such as meeting rooms, video conference rooms and project rooms from a unified portal. OnBoard's smart building integration automatically turns on and off building systems such as lights and air conditioning when employees enter and leave the office, which may help reduce electricity costs. OnBoard comes in three packages: OnBoard Professional, Enterprise and OnDemand. The OnBoard Professional version is the cloud version suited for small and midsize customers, while the Enterprise and OnDemand packages are, respectively, cloud-based and on-premise deployment packages for large enterprises.
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OnBoard Software - 3 - miniatura
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