Con BizAway puedes configurar tu propia política de viajes en la plataforma que se aplicará de manera automática. Puedes configurar un presupuesto máximo tanto para personas, como para un viaje (nacional, internacional, interconti... Saber más

Aptien is a cloud-based solution designed to manage employees and office equipment. The software allows organizing various office topics such as office and employee equipment, contracts, assets and more through a single portal.... Saber más

The platform allows individuals to find crucial data with a single search to display relevant activity within context. Business managers can proactively discover, classify, and manage risk with data loss prevention (DLP) built... Saber más

Whale is a training platform that helps small to midsize businesses manage onboarding and training for new employees on a centralized platform. The application allows administrators to create, review, maintain and share company... Saber más