Pendo is a product management solution that helps businesses in educational technology, healthcare and financial services streamline operations related to customer retention, user onboarding, product planning and more. It enables... Saber más

Heap is a digital insights platform that helps digital experience owners quickly surface blind spots where users struggle or drop off in multi-step digital journeys, so that product and marketing teams know where to make the most... Saber más

NOLA is a call center solution designed to help businesses connect with customers through outbound or inbound calls in compliance with telephone consumer protection act (TCPA) regulations. It enables sales and marketing teams to... Saber más

UserIQ is a customer success platform designed to help businesses of all sizes capture customer feedback, reduce churn rates and create audience segments based on behavior. The application allows organizations to send NPS surveys... Saber más

ZonBase is a product analytics software designed to help businesses gain insights into products across Amazon’s database. The platform offers an estimator tool, which enables administrators to track amazon standard identification... Saber más

Auryc is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) solution that caters to businesses across various industries such as vacation rentals, hospitality, fashion, apparel and more. Key features include a customer journey intelligence... Saber más

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eStoreCheck gives you the insights and tools you need to win more sales online. It provides a global, full-category view of your brand’s digital shelf performance, so you can identify opportunities and automate your processes for... Saber más

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