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Focos is a centralized browser that keeps individual organization’s applications and data on one page. By curating everything in one space, time is saved from jumping around the desktop to cloud apps and keeps your team focused... Saber más

Browse the web faster and block data-grabbing ads and trackers with Brave. Brave's secure web browser utilizes IPFS integration, a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol, to prevent online tracking and load content faster. Users are... Saber más

Secure online privacy and reduce trackers with Opera's secure web browser. Opera's free, unlimited VPN allows users to browse privately with a virtual IP address that helps users hide their location. Opera's built-in ad blocker... Saber más

Safari is the default web browser for Apple devices. With fast loading speeds, improved power efficiency, and built-in privacy protection, Safari is a leading web browser when it comes to efficient and secure browsing. Safari... Saber más

Chromium is an open-source browser designed to allow developers to build safer, faster, and more stable browsers. Chromium powers popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Saber más

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Designed for both professional and personal use, Rambox is a workspace browser that organizes all frequently used daily web apps into one single workspace. Boost productivity by configuring and grouping applications based on... Saber más

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Tor Browser is a private browsing software designed to help teams and individuals ensure protection against digital surveillance. It helps users protect their internet browsing records, the text of performed searches, user ID and... Saber más

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