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Vervoe is a recruitment management solution that helps businesses of all sizes manage hiring, assessment and screening operations via video interviews, skill tests and more. The platform comes with white-label capabilities, which... Saber más

Xobin is an online assessment platform with validated pre-hire assessments, video interviews and psychometric assessments. The all-in-one platform helps organizations automate screening, interviewing and shortlisting of job... Saber más

Built for high-growth engineering teams, Woven is an evidence-based hiring platform that allows HR teams to find the right candidate using performance-based testing and work simulations. Woven is designed to help software... Saber más


Buk is a human resources software designed to help businesses automate the calculation of compensation settlements, build segments of people, centralize and decentralize certain tasks and generate the traceability of signatures... Saber más

Trivie is a cloud-based adaptive learning solution which assists training and development teams with assessment and reporting. Its key features include gamification, knowledge management, progress tracking, course authoring and... Saber más

Tazio is a cloud-based solution that helps medium to large organizations manage recruitment, assessment and employee engagement via aptitude exams, realistic job previews, hybrid tests, video interviews and more. Tazio allows... Saber más

QuodeIT is a cloud-based human resources (HR) software solution, specializing in pre-employment assessment. QuodeIT assessment tools include multiple choice questions, programming questions and open-ended tests. Users can... Saber más

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Recruiteeverse is a cloud-based applicant tracking and pre-employment assessment solution, which provides businesses with a range of question formats, coding and video recording functionalities. Recruiteeverse was built with a... Saber más

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CoderPad is a pre-employment testing solution that helps businesses evaluate the technical skills of programmers by conducting remote interviews. The application allows users to streamline autocompleting of source codes, modify... Saber más

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GSE Hiring delivers talent with robotic video interviews, resume ranking, and AI-driven pre-hire assessments. The platform empowers managers across enterprises to make smarter hiring decisions, leaning on predictive analytics,... Saber más

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Care Advantage is a behavioural screening platform that helps Care Providers make more informed hiring decisions. The two principle short assessments give insight into a job applicant's Personality profile and how their profile... Saber más

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